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Make the Most of Your Trip to Kids Barbershops

January 15, 2016

When the time comes to find kids barbershops for your little one to get a haircut, it’s always best to be prepared.

For many children, getting a haircut can seem intimidating, so check out some ideas from the Barbershop Society by clicking here.

You may find that your children are hesitant to go to the appointment and unsure of why such as service is needed.

Similarly, for parents, choosing the right local business can be stressful. Book YOUR appointment here!

However, by remaining calm and planning ahead you can ensure the smoothest haircut experience possible for both you and your children.

The following are several tips that can help you make the most of your trip to kids barber shop:

  • Make it a routine: One of the easiest ways you can eliminate your children’s fear of the unknown is by making haircuts or trims a routine occurrence. By scheduling appointments every few months, your children will remember their recent positive experiences and ease their fears. In addition to scheduling regular visits, try to make sure that the same barber works with your child for at least the first few haircuts. Not only will routine visits to the barber shop keep your children’s fear at bay, it will also maintain their healthy locks.
  • Look for an expert: Though you may like the idea of taking your children to the barbershop or salon that you frequent, it’s always best to select a service who specializes in kids haircuts. There is a difference between the style and approach for kids’ appointments, and you want to ensure that your barber has previous experience working with children. This can help your child to feel at ease while making certain that the end result is an appropriate and accurate hairstyle.
  • Bring something familiar: If your children are reluctant to sit in the stylist’s chair – or even get in the car – it can help to bring a familiar item along to the appointment. This item can be a favorite toy, stuffed animal, book or more. In addition to providing comfort and easing their worries, the item can serve as a distraction from the actual haircut. Most kids barber shops will be perfectly fine with a toy or book making its way into the stylist’s chair if it means working with a relaxed child.
  • Arrive early: By arriving early to an appointment, your children can look around and come to realize that the barber shop isn’t such a scary place. Early arrivals also give children time to settle down from nervous energy. Even more, it allows children to meet with the stylist before the appointment begins, ask questions, feel at ease and know that they’re working with an adult that can be trusted. Sometimes calming children’s nerves is as simple as putting a friendly face to a name.

By selecting an experienced and professional barber shop for your children’s haircuts, you can ease your little ones’ worries and ensure that you get a quality experience.

For more information on kids haircuts, consult Who’s Next Barber Shop today.

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