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Barbershop Services in Phoenix That Go Beyond Men’s Haircuts

December 1, 2015

When it comes to physical maintenance for barbershop services in Phoenix, Arizona, many men simply don’t know the extent of the services available to them. Book YOUR appointment now!

While it’s true that barbershops are known for offering men’s haircuts, they actually provide a number of other salon services for men, including both trims and shaves.

Some of the most essential barbershop services available to men include:

  • Beard and moustache trims: Believe it or not, many men don’t realize that they can get a professional beard or moustache trim by visiting a professional barbershop. Though these places provide some of the best men’s haircuts, they also specialize in trimming facial hair and can make sure your beard or moustache is neat, trimmed and stylish. With more and more men sporting facial hair these days, it’s great to treat it with the same respect you would the hair on your head and make sure it looks its best.
  • Shampoos: I know what you’re thinking: who needs to go to a barbershop for a shampoo? Sure, most people shampoo in the comfort of their own home most days, but there is a big difference between the shampoo you give yourself and that of a professional shampoo. Not only do men’s barbershops use salon quality products, ensuring your hair will be soft and silky smooth, they also spend more time than you would at home, getting down deep into the roots to give you a deep clean. You will see the difference when you receive a shampoo at a barbershop.
  • Straight-edge razor shaves: The ultimate in men’s luxury is a straight-edge razor shave. Many men claim there is no closer or smoother shave. While razor companies develop new, more expensive technology every year, no one has come close to replicating the results of a classic straight-edge razor shave. A professional barber knows how to best deliver these shaves, giving you the best shave of your life.
  • Facials: While women have touted the benefits of a relaxing facial for years, men are finally getting in on the secret. Far from just a cosmetic luxury, facials are actually a key component of skin care as they clean down to the pores and exfoliate dead and flaking skin, leaving your skin smooth and refreshed. Many start with a mask that works its way into your skin, cleaning and moisturizing, and end with a deep massage, which relaxes and heals the facial muscles. You’ll look younger and feel better after receiving a facial mask and massage.

A visit to the barbershop is now an essential step in any man’s grooming routine.

These salons offer a wide range of services, including shaves, trims, shampoos, facials and of course men’s haircuts.

Despite the wide range of services available to men of all ages, many are unaware that they can spend just a few dollars to receive a high end trim or hot towel shave.

To learn more about the bevy of services available to customers, call Who’s Next Barber Shop at 480-626-2873.

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