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Consider Giving the Gift of Barbershop Package Deals Scottsdale

December 15, 2015

When you’re shopping for a gift for barbershop package deals Scottsdale, whether it is for the holidays or for a birthday, it can be difficult to think of the right fit for your loved ones.

Instead of choosing an item they may not need or want, surprise them with the gift of a visit to a premier barbershop. Book YOUR appointment here!

Often people are reluctant to pamper themselves with professional haircuts and close shaves, but they love the experience.

Packages are an excellent way for people to try out a few services and find something they love.

Some great gift packages include the following below [check out the Harmonizer Magazine for more ideas]

  • Shape-up: A lot of people think the barbershop offers one service and one service only: a haircut. In fact, classic men’s barbershops are renowned for offering a variety of services, including facial shaves and trims. If you know someone who might love the chance to have a professional shave or moustache trim, consider giving him the gift of the shape-up package. It is an affordable package for someone who doesn’t necessarily want a haircut, but could use a little “cleanup.”
  • Real-deal package: While some people might fuss with and change their hairstyles as often as the seasons, others are more reluctant to make a change to a new style. This can be exacerbated by the fact that many cheap salons offer only basic haircuts in the same tired styles. The good news is that you don’t have to be too bold to find a new, updated style that works for you by visiting a men’s barbershop. As the holidays approach, this can be a great gift for someone you know who has never splurged on their hair, but would love the chance. The real-deal package comes with a shampoo, a stylish haircut and even a hot towel shave.
  • Executive package: Take luxury to the next level with the executive package. This is a package that includes the work and will leave you feeling like a king. Not only does it include everything from the real-deal package (shampoo, haircut and shave), but it also includes a skin care feature. Customers will receive a relaxing face mask and massage, leaving them feeling renewed. On top of that, clients walk out with a complimentary cigar, which is the perfect ending to a great visit to the barbershop. If you know someone who would love a visit to a top rated barbershop, surprise them this holiday season with the executive package.

No matter what kind of guy you’re shopping for, you’re sure to score a hit by gifting them a package for a professional barbershop.

Even guys who don’t spend a lot of time on their looks will love the time and care that is put into making them feel comfortable and look great.

Think outside the box when giving a gift and consider a package to visit the Who’s Next Barber Shop.

To learn more about our services, call us at 480-626-2873.

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