November 1, 2018 Tim

"Loving this new location. So convenient for me in the Arcadia area. Alex and his staff always do the best job and his prices are so fair compared to the competitors in the area. I highly recommend!"
November 1, 2018 Mike Z.

"Came in to the new location for the first time today. I usually go to the location on Shea, but the new spot is close to work for me. As usual, perfect haircut and good conversation. Nice to have two options for locations, I highly recommend checking them out. You won't regret it."
November 1, 2018 Dirk O.

"Alex cleaned me up nice for my upcoming trip to L.A. He did exactly what I asked him to do and checked with me throughout the haircut to make sure things were looking the way I wanted them to. Very thorough and professional! Who's Next? I'm next."
November 1, 2018 Enrique E.

"Looking for a "real" barber shop in Phoenix then you should look no further than Who's Next Barber Shop . Full range of barber services. Alex never disappointed me he's awesome , great attention to detail, his staff is really friendly and professional.Highly recommended!"
November 1, 2018 Jordan G.

"Love this spot. Alex is king barber in the valley. Dudes been cutting since he was a toddler...literally. Always takes his time and does it right."
Who's Next Barber Shop