December 4, 2017 Scot O.

"Great Barber Shop! I've been getting my haircut from Alex (the owner) for a couple of years, he's very talented and the price is right. I would also recommend getting a straight razor shave. The man has skills!"
December 4, 2017 Barnabas L.

"I had a living social coupon for this place and decided to capitalize today.I called in and made an appointment. It wasn't busy at all when i went in (Tuesday Afternoon). I got the "Real Deal" package, they definitely knew what they were doing. My barber was very very thurough for my WHOLE haircut, and the shaving and shampoo afterwards.It was definitely what you expect a barber shop to look like. The atmosphere and the barbers were welcoming and they actually talked to you and asked you about yourself.I don't know what is considered a normal price at barber shops and what isn't, but this place seemed to be higher up than other barber shops i have visited prior. (From my time in seattle and tucson).Overall though they seem to be the best barber shop i have been to ever, so the price is deserved from the service."
December 4, 2017 Larry G.


"I love coming here, it always makes me feel like im back at home. Great people and most of all Great Barbers!! Keep up the good work!!! "
December 4, 2017 johndavis007

"I walked in to a old school/modern looking barber shop, and did not have to wait. I got the best hair cut ever. The barber did not rush and made me feel very comfortable, i loved the TV at my station. This is hands down the best barber shop in arizona."
October 4, 2017 Kate S.

"My 15 year old son hasn't had a haircut he's liked since he started caring about his haircuts -- until now. We've tried many shops in the area, from discount to hipster, with little success. So when my son needed his haircut yesterday, I sought the help of the yelp gods and found Who's Next. Turns out I'd actually seen the shop before and dismissed it because of its pretty non-hipster location and exterior. My bad!The location is actually pretty convenient, right off the 101 at NW corner of Shea and 92nd. We made an appointment by phone after being told that we could walk-in, but there would be a wait. Was grateful for the truthful heads up about the wait time. We arrived a couple of minutes before the appointed time and my son was seated immediately. The owner and another male barber were in the shop, but my son's barber was a woman and it was her first week, so I was a little apprehensive. We told her about the pretty specific ideas he had for his cut and she listened attentively and asked questions. She was also very pleasant and friendly.I took a seat and waited for the result.I loved it. But would my son? Well, he didn't complain on the way to the car (which is his MO). Later, he said he liked it a lot and that it was what he had in mind. Then he went to a pool party where girls noticed and liked it. When he got home, he asked me if I'd gotten the barber's name lol. I think her name is Kara and that she has a customer for life!The shop has a very clear price menu. Kids cut prices apply only to 8th grade and below. We paid the regular price for a man's cut, which is $21. When you pay with a card, you can leave the tip electronically. The price is slightly higher than most of the other places we've tried, but the barber spent a lot of time on his cut and he was happy with it -- so well worth the extra couple of $ in my opinion."
Who's Next Barber Shop